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For Customer : Thursday - June 8, 2023

Welcome to the June edition of the Karaoke Surgeon Newsletter.

Karaoke Surgeon Video Tip - Editing

In the month's video tip, you will see how the new KS2 can edit a file to remove an unwanted section. In the case of this video, there is an introduction or title slide frame which will be removed.


In case you missed our video tip from last month, which was about the quality of a karaoke file created or authored in KCreator, you can see this here.


Question and Answer

Q. Is there a way to resize the fonts of an existing karaoke file in KS2?

A. Currently there is not, but we'll add this feature soon.

To be clear, we are NOT referring to the font size of a new karaoke file created in KCreator. In that module you can select and use any font size. This question refers to an existing mp4 or cd+g file. When such files are opened in the main editing module, the font size that appears on the screen is also the default or fixed font size.

KS2's main playback screen has a toggle in the lower right hand corner. This displays three different viewing sizes. This new feature will allow, on export, for the size of the text or lyrics on this screen to be saved or embedded in the new video created, which will allow users to modify the text size of the lyrics.

This feature should be finished by the end of the month

Help Desk Requests

When you complete a Support Ticket, you can help us and help yourself, by giving us the full build number as we request in the ticket set up information.

We estimate that about 80% of the time this information is NOT provided. When it is not provided this slows down our ability to solve your problem.

The full build number can be found in the Help >> About menu of Karaoke Surgeon and, on any/all of our products. It is a number that will look like this X.0.0.XXX. For example in KS2 the current build number is

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