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KS2 Big Announcement

Many customers and users have urged us to add the .kar file format to the list of files Karaoke Surgeon can open. After much research and investigation we have been able to crack the code on .kar files. The newest build,, can open and play these files correctly. In addition this build can also open and play .mid files.

With the addition of .kar files, KS2 can open all common file formats used by Karaoke Musicians and enthusiasts. This list now includes: .kar .mid CD+G CD+G zipped .bin .mp4 .avi .mpg .mov .wma .mp3 .m4a .wav .aif .cda .aac.

We'd appreciate hearing from you if there are any other commonly used file formats that are not on this list that you use. If so, please send an email and let us know.

Celebration Sale

With the release of this new build that incorporates .kar and .mid files we are celebrating with special reduced pricing for both previous customers as well as new customers.

Version 1 customers: $149.95 ____Now--> $99.95

Non-Customers $149.95_____Now--> $109.95

The special discount link follows:

if you are an owner of version 1, after landing on the first page of the shopping cart, click the log-in link at the top of the page to log in and we'll apply your additional discount. If you are not a previous owner, the discounted price shown above will be applied and appear on this page.

If you already own KS2 you can grab this newest build by opening the product and going to Help >> Check for Updates. A new build should be found and you will be prompted to download it. We recommend that you temporarily disable your antivirus program before you download and install the update.


This means KConverter can convert among and between these file formats. There are some restrictions though.

For example, you can convert an audio-only file (like an mp3 or .wav) to a video or format the contains lyrics.

Also, a video file cannot be converted to a CD+G format but a CD+G format can be converted to a video format like an mp4.

The KConverter module is a batch file converter so it can process a single file at a time or it can process thousands of files in a single batch. If you have large batches of files to convert, it is a huge time saver.

James Todd
Karaoke Surgeon